Leslie Dull-Runkle

Animal Communication

 Animal communication can be used to answer all questions about your pets and even wildlife. 

Common questions are happiness and quality of health. 

Animal communication can assist in early detection and the narrowing down of the issues. This works in harmony with veterinary care. Nutritional matches can be made for optimal food choices for pets. 

Does your pet want a playmate? 

Animal communication can answer that as well as help select a compatible companion. 

When a pet owner feels like they’ve tried every possible way to correct a behavior issue, the answers come right from your pet with animal communication. 

Finding lost pets and guiding you back together is animal communication. 

When our beloved pets seem ready to cross, animal communication assists the human with decision making. 

After our pets have crossed and a human would like to check in, animal communication will assist in getting questions answered. 

What can a pet reading with Leslie tell you?

  • What is your pet thinking? 
  • Is your pet happy? 
  • Is your pet Healthy? 
  • Behavioral challenges? 
  • Does your pet have anything to tell you? ​ 
  • Leslie can provide support for veterinary care.   

​Contact Leslie for these answers and many more.

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